Meet Ototo

An easy, friendly, and fun music making kit

With Ototo you can make music from anything, whether you're a musician creating new ways of interacting with sound, looking to use sensors to transform your next project or exploring music and electronics for the first time. 


turn Touch into sOUND

Ototo has 12 touch keys which can turn anything into a musical instrument

Each touch key represents a musical note— when you touch Ototo it makes the sound of that note. Using the crocodile clips you can connect conductive materials and use them to trigger the notes. 


Illustrated Guide

No jargon here! Get up and running quickly and easily with our illustrated guide.

Our 32 page guide covers connecting things to Ototo for the first time through to some quick projects to get started.

Curious? Click here to download a PDF version of the guide.


CREATE something Musical

Rock ‘n’ roll out of the box. No soldering or programming; everything is ready to play.

Ototo comes loaded with 50 different sound presets so you can find the perfect one for your project. For bass synths to  pianos, dog barks to dubstep squeals and many more.


Let's Make some Noise